Finding The Key To Happiness And Success

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What is the key to happiness and success in life? To need to live a life of your choice,you need to start making efforts in the right direction.No one achieves anything automatically.Besides,adversity there are many external factors that impact our growth like color of skin ,physical appearance or martial status. But internal qualities are really what are required to make us successful and happy .We need to understand and appreciate what one received,to fully cherish it.

Before commencing upon a new business,ask yourself these questions

• Why am i doing this?

•What will be the consequences?

•Will  I succeed ?

Once you have decided on moving forward with an idea after doing a lot of critical thinking about all the aspectsof your life,step up your preparations keeping in mind the following guidelines to achieve success:

1 Put your energy into creating a future while living in the present.

2 Learn from past mistakes;avoid repeating them.

3 Never try to run away from the hurdles you face.

4 Face your problems and overcome them  with determinations.

5 Education is your best friend.It empowers you,generates new ideological energy and sharpness to perform daunting new tasks.

6 One should be honest and simple but avoid falling prey to selfish mentality of others .

7 Whatever you start with ,ensure its completion. Even if the end result is zero,this experience will surely add to your success in life.

8 Study religious texts ;they purify thoughts.

9 Be positive and prudent.

10 Do not share your secrets with anyone.

11 Choose your friends carefully.

12 The biggest challenge in the path of success is your own nature.

13 Nature examines a person’s ability , like an exam.

14 Hard work and concentration are the first steps towards success.

15 Whatever religion one follows it must be followed spiritually.

By adopting these guiding principles ,all of us can smoothly move forward ,on the path of a happy and successful life.

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